Ability to add flags

Hey team,

I started to work on a plugin for kapp - really early stages of design and research.
kapp, similar to Terraform has the ability to provide a pre-deploy output, to help with understanding the change and get confidence. I wonder if it would be possible to add flags like --diff-changes (a native kapp flag) to the deploy command, otherwise - what would be the best way to provide the user with such information without actually deploying the change.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Could you talk more about this? I’m not sure where you want these flags and what they’re controlling. Are they being passed into all plugins from the waypoint command line?

If flags are not available, is there another way to get the functionality you’re looking for?

Hey @evanphx thanks for replaying :slight_smile:
Like said - my goal is to have a way to get a terraform-plan-like output from kapp. kapp is a tool used to deploy k8s applications. How can I tell waypoint to run kapp (deploy step) with the flag to run only the plan phase?


@evanphx if the user issued waypoint deploy -label=diff-changes=true would that label name and value be available to the plugin author? It appears so based on the build() command having: labels *component.LabelSet. Docs are here.

@jbayer The label would show up but it would also be attached to assets, etc. Smuggling the data through the label system for this feels like probably not the right way to do it.

@galamiram If you run kapp with exec, you can use whichever flags you wish. Do you want to change the flags used based on some other condition?