Access boundary target on private IP

I want to access my target running on private IP I am able to access applications running on public IP by configuring the target, worker, and hosts but am not able to access applications using private IP.

It says No workers are available to handle this session, or all have been filtered.
How do we make an application accessible which is only meant to run on private IP only

Hi @rajatrj16 to use Boundary to connect to a private IP, you need to register a worker with outbound access to the private IP. You can learn how to do this in the tutorial here. You can learn more about self-managed worker network configuration requirements here.

@PPacent looks like the tutorial link you added pointed to some google search. Is there a specific document written on registering a worker with outbound access to the private IP!!!

@rajatrj16 here is a link to the tutorial on getting started with self-managed workers on HCP Boundary:

Please note that this configuration assumes you are using HCP Boundary, and utilizes an hcp-specific worker binary.

If you are using Boundary OSS, you will need to deploy a PKI or KMS worker as specified in the documentation: