Adding a proximity_placement_group_id to a azurerm_linux_virtual_machine causes azurerm_backup_protected_vm to be replaced


I would like to know why adding a proximity placement group to a vm with terraform is replacing (destroying/creating) backups and disk attachments. Using the Web Portal this is not happening. Is there a solution to avoid this behavior?

Here you have some info:

azurerm_backup_protected_vm.test must be replaced

-/+ resource “azurerm_backup_protected_vm” “test” {
~ source_vm_id = “XXXXXXXXXX” -> (known after apply) # forces replacement

azurerm_linux_virtual_machine.test must be replaced

-/+ resource “azurerm_linux_virtual_machine” “test” {
- proximity_placement_group_id = XXXXXXXXXXXX" -> null # forces replacement

azurerm_virtual_machine_data_disk_attachment.test-disk1 must be replaced

-/+ resource “azurerm_virtual_machine_data_disk_attachment” “test-disk1” {
~ virtual_machine_id = “XXXXXXXXX” -> (known after apply) # forces replacement

Thank you for your help !!!