AppRole in CI pipeline - documentation question


I am going through the tutorial for Recommended Pattern for Vault Approle Use Recommended Pattern for Vault AppRole Use | Vault - HashiCorp Learn
The example uses Jenkins as CI but I am not quite following up with the naming in the document.
It mentions a Worker and a Runner. My understanding is that ‘worker ’ is a Jenkins node aka Jenkins slave.
The document says ’ The worker node runs jobs on spawned container runners that are short-lived’
Later it goes on to describe on how Worker spawns a Runner.
What is the runner? Jenkins documentation does not have any concept of a runner.
Our Jenkins workers are used for running Docker Using Docker with Pipeline . What is the ‘Runner’ in this scenario?

Well @daugavpils , I just came across the same.
“runners” are used in gitlab, that is fore sure.

Maybe here the worker is the ‘jenkins controller’, (master in exclusive terms), and the runners are the agents (slaves…)

That would maybe make more sense.

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Jenkins docs clearly say that controller and workers are different things so I am still confuesed :slight_smile: Managing Nodes

More me there are two sort of parties involved in Jenkins:

  • controller (master)
  • agents (slaves)

The docs should better be updated.

Btw did you implement wrapped secret and such?