Assistance Needed: Creating Teradata Vantage Glue Data Connection in Terraform


I am currently working on creating a Glue data connection of type Teradata Vantage using Terraform. However, I keep encountering the following error:

Error: expected connection_type to be one of ["JDBC" "SFTP" "MONGODB" "KAFKA" "NETWORK" "MARKETPLACE" "CUSTOM" "SALESFORCE"], got Teradata  

It appears that the connection type “Teradata” is not recognized by Terraform. Could someone please guide me on how to resolve this issue or suggest an alternative approach to successfully create a Teradata Vantage connection?

Thank you for your assistance.


Wondering, if this a Glue connection for a crawler or an ETL job, the type of connection is different, if it is for a crawler, Teradata, unfortunately is not supported yet as a source in Glue. Which might be the reason.
If it is for an ETL job, then Teradata is supported both as a source, and destination in Glue. Is it possible for you to share mock files that perform a similar action to the one you are trying to perform in the Teradata community?(Community Home - Community)
We can follow up there.

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