"auth_login": conflicts with auth_login_cert

Right now Terraform Registry

client_auth is being deprecated for auth_login_cert.
My current vault config doesn’t have any PKI Auth setup, I needed this client_auth because I have mutual TLS enabled. and the authentication process is userpass.

This is what my provider looks like

provider "vault" {
  address         = local.codified_vault_addr
  ca_cert_file    = var.codifiedvault_vault_ca_file
  skip_tls_verify = false
  token_name      = "codified_vault"
  auth_login_cert { # Changed from client_auth
    cert_file = var.codifiedvault_vault_client_cert_file
    key_file  = var.codifiedvault_vault_client_key_file
  auth_login {
    path = "auth/${var.codifiedvault_login_username}/login/${var.codifiedvault_login_username}"
    parameters = {
      password = var.codifiedvault_login_password

My vault server listener config looks like this

listener "tcp" {
  address                             = "{{ pv_vault_node_port }}"
  tls_disable                         = false
  tls_cert_file                       = "{{ pv_vault_tls_dir }}/vault.fullchain.pem"
  tls_key_file                        = "{{ pv_vault_tls_dir }}/vault.key"
  tls_require_and_verify_client_cert  = true
  tls_client_ca_file                  = "{{ pv_vault_tls_dir }}/ca-client-mtls-crt.pem"

This new change is throwing me "auth_login": conflicts with auth_login_cert, which I understand is ok, now can anyone help me how do I handle mutualTLS in my provider?