Auto_backup_window is not updated(unable to modify) through terraform on OCI (Oracle cloud infra)

Hi Team,

I’ve created a DBCS VM DB in OCI(Oracle cloud infra) using terraform. In the initial creation the backup window was specified (SLOT_ONE) and this was visible on the console after the DB was created.
Subsequently wanted to change the backup_window to SLOT_TWO. The terraform plan showed an in place update. TF apply was run. However, this change has not persisted.

If apply is run again then it shows an inplace change to backup window. This keeps happening no matter how many times apply is run. Apply never fails either. The new slot is not reflected on the console either.

Interestingly the change done via console is detected by terraform. For example considering above scenario (TF trying to update the backup slot to two) if this change is done on console and TF script also has the slot set to two (on variables) then plan doesn’t detect any change. TF says infrastructure is up to date.
Subsequently TF script change the backup window to slot one again then a change is detected and goes with the same pattern of never ending updates.