Autocreate connection commands

Hi all,

is it possible to automatically generate complete command strings that can be copied out of boundary desktop instead of all parts separately?

I’ve set up a MariaDB connection through boundary with vault as a credential broker, and it works well, but the usability is really not that great because I always want to use the exact same command (mysql -h -P {{ port }} -u {{ username }} -p{{ password }}) to connect to my db with the newly generated credentials and the port of the connection inserted, but currently I always have to copy everything together. So I thought that there is an easier way to do this.

The way Boundary handles that natively is with connection overlays, where you use the command boundary connect [overlay type] and it handles at least the port part of that (and possibly the username/password as well depending on the protocol). Current connection helpers are ssh, rdp, http, postgres, and kube. Outside of that, you could write a wrapper script that uses the -format json argument to boundary connect to pick up the same info and pass it automatically to whatever client you need.

There is the possibility of handling other connections through new overlays in the future but I don’t know what discussions might be happening around that currently.

Okay, thanks.

So it’s not possible to define own types or create something like additional, dynamical secrets that format the others to the wanted cli command?
And there is also no setting in the boundary Desktop application to define these formats?

Are there then some wrapper scripts already written if everybody, who uses the desktop App or protocols that are not included in the connection helper set, has to write those to not go crazy? XD