Automatically discover ECS containers as targets

Is there any way to do that? I know there’s a plugin that uses aws ec2 to discover hosts, but as we run all the applications on ECS, we want to replicate the same behaviour for the containers.

Is it posible?

It’s not possible yet, but definitely something we’re thinking about! CC @PPacent

Thanks for the response @Jeff!

Do you know of any alternative techniques to achieve this atm? Cuz we’ve been running the updates manually, and it’s far from being practical.

If you have discovery of ECS assets with Consul (AWS ECS | Consul by HashiCorp) you can use Consul-Terraform Sync to automate this. I do know of one org that has this set up (not with ECS, but with CTS) and it seems to be working well for them. I realize it’s not as ideal as something native but may help for now.

We’ve considered using Consul, maybe this feature might be what we need for the moment.

Thanks again!