Avg(vault_token_create_count - vault_token_store_count)

hello, I’m trying to understand what are vault_token_create_count
and vault_token_store_count, and I can’t find an explanation.
we are monitoring Vault with Prometheus and found this rule:

- alert: VaultTooManyPendingTokens
   expr: avg(vault_token_create_count - vault_token_store_count) > 0

and we are getting this alert: VaultTooManyPendingTokens
should it even be monitored?


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No, this is not a sensible thing to monitor.

First, vault_token_store_count monitors many kinds of token store operations, not just the ones resulting from initial token creation.

Second, averaging this expression over all label sets doesn’t make sense.

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I’ve just come across this with the following situation:

vault_token_create_count{container="vault", ...}  2
vault_token_store_count{container="vault", ...}   1

How to interpret those values? I created two periodic service tokens just recently - does this indicate any sort of (internal) issues with persisting those tokens?