Aws_api_gateway - openApi- and request_validator

Hello there,

I managed to create an aws_api_gateway_REST-API using an openApi document, and with everything to call an aws_lambda with a aws_api_gateway_integration etc.
So the model, resources and methods are automatically created by the

resource "aws_api_gateway_rest_api" "_"{
   body = data.template_file._.rendered

One of my blocker now is the request_validator to ensure request body is validated?
I created a resource "aws_api_gateway_request_validator" but how do I “attach” it to one or all of my method ?
If I create one method myself using the following code, it’s fine. the request on that method gets validated, by I havent found any ways to attach my request validator to method created by the result of ingesting a openApi document at the rest-api creation.

resource "aws_api_gateway_method" "myPutMethod" {
  rest_api_id   =
  resource_id   =
  http_method   = "PUT"
  request_validator_id =
  authorization = "NONE"

How would you proceed ?