AWS Elastic Beanstalk in t3 configurations: How to set the credit_configuration?

Hello all.

First topic on this forum. I’m really eager to learn about Terraform, however, I’m stuck with something.
I have an environment that runs as Docker containers on Elastic Beanstalk, and right now it is running in t2 EC2 instances. Now, we want to upgrade them to t3/t3a. We can manually adjust the Credit Configuration to change it from Unlimited to Standard (since Unlimited is the default for t3/t3a).

Now, I want to avoid having to go to AWS console to do this change manually, but I can’t find a way to change this setting as aws_elastic_beanstalk_environment doesn’t seem to let me change the instance information directly. This seems to be possible using aws_instance (as in, but I don’t know how to chain that with what we’re using.

Do you have any ideas on how to accomplish this?