AWS Patch policy


AWS is offering patch policies to manages patches. Patch policies were introduced around 1 month ago, see: Introducing patch policies - AWS Systems Manager (

Will terraform provide the patch policy feature? If so, could you provide any information on when it may be released? Thank you.

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Hi @yilo90,

This forum is primarily for help with using the Terraform and provider features that already exist. The teams which would actually be developing new features such as this don’t necessarily monitor this forum and instead gather feedback through issues in their respective GitHub repositories.

I think you are describing something that would appear as new features in the hashicorp/aws provider, in which case I would suggest checking the issues in the AWS provider’s GitHub repository.

I’m not familiar enough with the service you are asking about here to know what to search for to see if there’s already an existing issue for it; you hopefully know some relevant keywords about specific object types in this service that you could search for to see if there’s already an issue discussing them. If not then opening a new issue would be the best way to register your interest in these features, since the provider team uses issues (and the voting reactions on them) to learn about requests for new capabilities and to prioritize them against other work.


thanks for the reply.
I will look into that.

I’m sure they will. I am currently using the aws_ssm_patch_baseline and aws_ssm_patch_group modules which i seem to have working.