AWS RAM not passing through tags

I’m using RAM to share out multiple subnets to other accounts. However it seems that, the subnets tags are not being passed through, and are completely blank when viewed in the recipient account.

Is this a limitation of the current RAM implementation ?, If it’s on the TF side, can this be solved, and if yes, how ? :slight_smile:

According to, “VPC tags, and tags for the resources within the shared VPC are not shared with the participants.”

This is also what we found, and I’m aware of another organization that hit the same thing. We’re working around it with custom automation that copies subnet tags from the owner account (sharer) to the participants (sharees). Seems like something AWS ought to change.

This is one of the use cases that the aws_ec2_tag resource was introduced for.

Interesting. Thanks @ewbankkit