AWS transfer logging

I have an AWS Transfer Familiy server that will use custom provider authentication.
I created my server following this Terraform Registry, which points out it is allowed to have the property structured_log_destinations in order to redirect logs, but got this at planning

The resource looks like this:
resource “aws_transfer_server” “sftp” {
endpoint_type = “PUBLIC”
protocols = [“SFTP”]
identity_provider_type = “AWS_LAMBDA”
function = aws_lambda_function.transfer_sftp_lambda_function.arn
logging_role = aws_iam_role.logging.arn
force_destroy = true
security_policy_name = “TransferSecurityPolicy-2020-06”
structured_log_destinations = [
tags = {
Terraform = “true”,
Name = “${var.application_name}”
I already validated the log-group-arn
Thank you for any help