Azure pipelines and modules

Hi, I’ve setup azure pipelines with terraform files and in the files, I reference two modules which are contained in a separate repo in a separate project.

To call the modules

module "Webapp" {

  source = "git::"
 resource_group_name =
 location            = azurerm_resource_group.service.location

it all works but I have a couple of questions I can’t answer. In the artifact file, I expected to see just the module files under the Webapp folder (in the modules folder) but instead, I have the whole of the repo and in the second module I have the same, another copy of the whole repo. The modules still work as they point to the WebApp folder of the repo structure.

I’ve included a couple of pics, the one shows the module repo, which contains my folders for each module.
and the second is a pic of the artifact and as you can see the whole of the repo is copy twice in to each of the module directories.