Boundary Dynamic Host Sets AWS - Not displaying Instance Private IP Address


I have been exploring boundary and running them on dev mode in an aws ec2 instance and dynamically targeting other ec2 hosts by applying a filter as here-

These hosts that gets created of the dynamic host sets don’t display the private IP address on the boundary app which makes it impossible to know the identity of the host. (Refer Snip 1)

Also, when connecting to these dynamic hosts, the cli defaults the ssh connection to he private dns of the hosts and not the IP address of the host.

Also when looking from the controller console, dynamic host source for targets has type "Missing translation “” for locale “en-us” - Refer Snip2

Am I wrongly configuring the dynamic host sets or is there something I am missing in here.

Note - Although when the hosts are read using the cli, ip’s do get displayed, but not on the console.

Attaching snips:

Just to make sure, are you on the latest version of Boundary?

Yeah, I guess so, I am on 0.7.4, which seems to be the latest release as well.

[root@ip-10-x-x-x~]# yum list installed | grep boundary
boundary.x86_64 0.7.4-1 @hashicorp

[root@ip-10-x-x-x ~]# boundary -v

Version information:
Git Revision: 221acff4cc4d1f9be7619a657274c043999e62cc
Version Number: 0.7.4

Hey @omkensey where you able to replicate this issue, or am I the only one having this issue?

I think it’s just that dynamic host catalogs are still a work in progress; see, e.g. Good news is, I know this is an active area of effort by the team so watch for rapid improvements in this (as well as other things of course) as Boundary develops.

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