Boundary jobs not found

Hi there,

I’ve just created a new boundary setup based on the reference architecture (boundary 0.7.4).
Everything seems to be running smoothly except that the scheduled jobs aren’t available. As a result of that, sessions, tokens and a number of other things become stale.

Is there a way for me to backfill jobs or do I have to re-run the installation?

Hey @svenlito, thanks for trying out and providing feedback for Boundary.

I am busy looking into this, but am unable to reproduce the error you are seeing. I am not sure if you still have the same instance running, but is it possible for you provide the contents of the job table in postgres (e.g. run select * from job;)?

The controller should attempt to register jobs every time it starts up, if this fails it should error out and not start. The vault_token_renewal job is one of those, so I would expect to see it in the job table and not produce the error you linked above, or you should see an error when you run boundary server ... and boundary dev.

The only manual backfill that should be required is if a token has expired you will need to create a new one and update the credential store with that new token.

select * from job; yields to nothing. There is no job info in any of the tables, except the enums

Good news, I’ve restarted one of the controllers and the job table has now been populated. Will monitor.

Great, thanks for the update! I am busy trying to trace out how the server is able to start without registering jobs or if there is any path that the tables are cleared.

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