Boundary vs Keycloak

We have a system in which Ambassador acts as our API gateway and microservices are run in a Kubernetes cluster. We are implementing a solution to authenticate all requests that come into the cluster (SSO via OAuth2). Ambassador provides a seamless integration with Keycloak and all types of authentication are supported by Keycloak.
We also have Hashicorp Vault to store secrets. Now that Boundary is released looks like it could solve other issues as well - to get away from SSH keys, having access to entire private network etc…
I am wondering if we can use Boundary and integrate with Ambassador gateway instead of Keycloak? i.e. All the traffic that enters the cluster via gateway will be rerouted to Boundary and it integrates with Organization’s Auth system - Saml, OAuth2 or whatever and re-routes requests to cluster upon authentication.

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Could someone please shed some light on this?