Building from source - Make dev

When building from source using make dev, i get the following failure for the website:

Done in 1.64s.
yarn run v1.22.5
cd ui/core && yarn build
ember build --environment=production

WARNING: Option “nodeWorker” is deprecated since workerpool@5.0.0. Please use “workerType” instead.

Environment: production
⠹ building… [Babel: ember-notify > applyPatches]DEPRECATION: The use of the private {{-in-element}} is deprecated, please refactor to the public {{in-element}}. (‘ember-cli-head/templates/components/head-layout.hbs’ @ L1:C0) [deprecation id: glimmer.private-in-element]
at logDeprecationStackTrace (/src/node_modules/ember-source/dist/ember-template-co

Anyone else get this?

(MacOS Catalina)

Is the website actually failing to build? There are indeed some deprecation warnings – the front end team will be updating things continually – but it builds within a Docker container so the environment should be self-contained and fully supported.