Call my Restfull API in edge internet by everyone

How can I find that my Restful API call in the edge internet by everyone ?


Thanks for posting here. I don’t entirely understand your question. Can you elaborate more on how you’ve deployed Vault, what you’re trying to accomplish, and what you’ve tried so far? That will help.


Hi, Becca

Thanks for sending the answer
I want to see exactly the authentication of the clients that come to my service through API
I haven’t used the Vault tool yet !
Can Vault help me?


Ah! Thanks for the elaboration.

Vault does allow you to enable audit devices the log nearly every request and response in the Vault API. The file audit device allows you to use a “log_raw” option that also outputs the client token that was given by the request. More docs are here:

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Hi, Becca
useful guide, Thanks :pray: