Can`t update Terraform enterprise license

I can`t upgrade Terraform enterprise license

I use Terraform enterprise on aws Ec2 and os is amazone linux 2022

and my license is expired. so I want to update the license.

but when i use replicatedctl license-load < mylicense.cli

It doesn`t update license

Audit Log on Admin Ui

  "action": "license.install",
  "group": {
    "id": "replicatedadmin",
    "name": ""
  "created": "2023-07-03T07:59:34.332Z",
  "crud": "c",
  "description": "Installed a license",
  "source_ip": "",
  "fields": {
    "User-Agent": "Replicated_CLI_V2/2.56.0",
    "appID": "8a9151a3864547da7cfab27220c3647b"
  "is_failure": false,
  "is_anonymous": true,
  "component": "",
  "version": ""

what should i do to update the license?

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Hi @Yapters,

For this question then I would suggest contacting HashiCorp Support instead. It seems specific to your own installation and so the support team will be better equipped to help you debug this.