Can you attach Managed Group as a principal to a Role

I have tried to use TF code to attach a managed group to a Role. Unfortunately, it hasn’t attached. When I go into the UI, the managed group has been created, the users have successfully been attached to the group, so all good there.
I look at the role, which is global, and there are no Principals attached. When I try to add a principal, the managed group is not an option.
Is this something that cannot be done, or is there a workaround to get this working?
We are using AAD to sign in, so the users are automatically getting created and added to the managed group.

resource “boundary_managed_group” “oidc_group” {
name = “Azure Group Test”
description = “OIDC managed group for Azure”
auth_method_id =
filter = “"/userinfo/groups" == "45fbc535-4e9b-4927-8789-1d19cca3e531"”

resource “boundary_role” “oidc_role” {
name = “Read Only”
description = “Read Only Role”
principal_ids = []
grant_strings = [“id=*;type=role;actions=list,read”]
scope_id = “global”

resource “boundary_scope” “orgdev” {
scope_id = “global”
name = “Development”
description = “Development”
auto_create_default_role = true
auto_create_admin_role = true

Hi @marktolley1974 yes managed groups can be added to roles. However there is a small UI bug which doesn’t allow you to view them in the admin UI. If you use the CLI, you should be able to verify that the managed group has indeed been added to the role. This UI bug should be addressed in the next release.