Can't run a server in Kubernetes using Traefik


I’m trying to run a remote server in my Kubernetes cluster and facing some issues. Actually, I’ve already opened a previous discussion (unsolved) about this: ref

I’m facing 2 issues with my remote server:

  1. I cannot open the dashboard. I’ve created the following IngressRoute:
kind: IngressRoute
  name: waypoint
  labels: waypoint 1.0.0 infrastructure waypoint
    - websecure
    - kind: Rule
      match: Host(``)
      priority: 10
        - name: waypoint
          port: 9702
          scheme: https
    - kind: Rule
      match: Host(``) && Headers(`Content-Type`, `application/grpc`)
      priority: 11
        - name: waypoint
          port: 9701
    certResolver: letsencrypt
    passthrough: true
    options: {}

But when I open in my browser it displays Internal server error with the following log at Waypoint pod:

2020/12/11 06:23:47 http: TLS handshake error from remote error: tls: bad certificate

I’m using LetsEncrypt to generate my certificates, but after some testing I started to get too many requests error and now my certificates are not valid.

  1. With the same IngressRoute as above, I would expect being able to use it as my waypoint context in my CLI. If I do port-forward and use localhost:9701 it works as expected, but if I try to set the remote URL it wont work.

Can anyone help me? Thanks :slight_smile:


What is the output in the CLI when you run waypoint context list?

Thanks for trying to help me :slight_smile:

❯ waypoint context list
    |         NAME         | SERVER ADDRESS
  * | bootstrap-1607633242 |

But even in my browser I can’t access the dashboard. The Traefik IngressRoute is accordingly (same structure being used for other apps) but it simply won’t work.