Cdk/cdk8s equivalent for Nomad

Hello! I am wondering if there’s appetite anywhere out there for a CDK-like library for Nomad. Over the past few years I’ve written an internal python library to abstract Nomad constructs (Job, Group, etc.) into reusable python classes and eventually spit out the necessary JSON for the Nomad API to consume. We use this in conjunction with the official python-nomad library to efficiently manage and construct Jobs in our Nomad deployments. Having recently used CDK and CDKTF more lately, I realize that I’ve done a similar thing to cdk8s, but for Nomad. The reason being, I find HCL and DSLs somewhat limiting in our delivery of IaC as part of platform solution.

I am curious if anyone would be interested in me open sourcing the libraries, or if there’s already ongoing work at Hashi to do something similar for Nomad as CDKTF?