Change ForceNew inside provider.ConfigureFunc


I’m writing a provider for a protocol named Open Service Broker API (OSBA). This protocol allows brokers (the servers managing infrastructure) to be queried for a catalog, where there are things written like “you can create this infrastructure (instances in OSBA)” or “this instance is updateable”, or things like that.

I’m thinking of setting ForceNew for certain fields or disallowing creation if instances configured a certain way (based on the catalog), but I need connection data defined in the provider "osb" config to get the catalog in the first place, so I only get the information (what ForceNew should be) too late, since ForceNew gets set before provider.ConfigureFunc is called.

Now to the question… :slight_smile: Is it somehow possible to change ForceNew during/after the ConfigureFunc call?

Thank you for your time.

I will try out a Resource’s CustomizeDiff for this. Though it’s unclear how to access Meta() from there.