Change hostname in terraform lock message

By default terraform locks the state with a message similar to below

│ Error: Error acquiring the state lock
│ Error message: state xxx is already locked
│ Lock Info:
│   ID:        <id>
│   Path:      <path>
│   Operation: OperationTypeApply
│   Who:       xxxx
│   Version:   1.0.2
│   Created:   2022-07-20 16:44:47.672675626 +0000 UTC
│   Info: 

Here Who is my system hostname, is there a way to change the hostname to some other value.

My use case is that some people have random hostnames (like God of daemons :stuck_out_tongue: ), it would be good if we can ask them to export a variable which makes a little more sense.

@vikas027 did you find a solution?

Nope :pensive: I did not find the solution for the same.