Configure NSG flow logs in Azure using terraform

I am trying to configure the NSG flow logs for my NSGs using terraform. I think it should be something like this:
resource “azurerm_network_watcher_flow_log” “NSG-BE” {
resource_group_name = “{}" network_watcher_name = "{}”

enabled            = true
target_resource_id = "/subscriptions/${var.azure_subscription_id}/resourceGroups/${}/providers/Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups/${var.env-name}NSG-BE"
storage_account_id = "${}"

retention_policy {
    enabled = true
    days = 7


But I get this error:
Error: Invalid resource type

on line 33, in resource “azurerm_network_watcher_flow_log” “NSG-BE”:
33: resource “azurerm_network_watcher_flow_log” “NSG-BE” {

The provider provider.azurerm does not support resource type

Any ideas on how/if I can do this?


Ping. Anyone know how I can do this?