Connect compute engine - Google cloud Platform

Hi Team,

I have a compute engine VM, which is having only private IP. Am running Boundary from my local machine and trying to connect to compute engine. But not able to connect.

Have anyone tried with Compute engine instance or do have any leads, please help.


To connect from your local machine to a machine with a private IP only, you’ll need a Boundary worker that can connect to it and that your local machine can connect to. One way to do this would be to set up a Boundary worker in GCP with a public IP, and then configure a target with the destination machine’s private IP. Then your machine will connect to the destination through a worker proxy. (If you run the Boundary controller in dev mode, you’ll want to configure the GCP worker with some sort of tag and then use it in a worker filter on the target to make sure the GCP worker is always used for that target, instead of the built-in worker in dev mode.)

@omkensey Thanks for your reply. Will try the same