Connection closed while upload a file to azure


I want to upload a vhd disk (size = 30Go) on a container on azure.
But after 27 min, the connection is closed : “An existing connection had to be closed by the remote host.”

I don’t know why. Anyone have an idea ?

The error below :

Hi @Brownie9, this looks like the remote endpoint is closing the connection which could be due to a timeout for the long running process or it could be an issue with your local connection dropping.

If you are using the azurerm_storage_blob what value do you have for attempts the default is one?

Hi Nicholas,

My azurerm_storage_blob is :

I don’t think the problem is “blb01_pro01” because i have the same type of variable on all my config.


This topic can be closed. I use a specific image included IIS