Consul and Saltstack troubles


I’ve recently discovered consul and am in the process of evaluating it as a pillar K/V datastore for Saltstack

It seems rather easy to setup with salt.

From what I understand the below is dropped into the salt master conf file and restarted.

consul.port: 8500

- consul: consul_config root=pillar/%(minion_id)s

However when I try to get pillars, salt is unable to retrieve anything and I see the error in syslog

salt-master salt-master[133972]: [CRITICAL] Specified ext_pillar interface consul is unavailable

What am.i missing?

Hi @consul ,

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Can you check whether you have the python-consul library installed?

ref: ext_pillar using consul as a provider return error log · Issue #34158 · saltstack/salt · GitHub

I do but I’m unsure if its the correct version as required by Salt