Consul Bootstrap -- location of config files

I’ve built a consul cluster with all the acls, roles, policies and tokens.

However I need to rebuild/move cluster to somewhere else.

Where is the file/path location to the consul configuration for ACLs, Policies?

I can understand if the tokens are not in a configuration file, but at the very least I want to be able to copy a file for the acl’s, policies, roles, so that it is setup as soon as I turn on consul.

thank you.

These are not stored in a simple file, they are part of the cluster data and can only be read/written via the HTTP API.

Thank you.

I take it there is no good way to restore a cluster, if the entire thing dies or you have to move. You just have to reconfigure it.

Hi @dilaodilao,

I would recommend referring to the following learn guide to understanding how to back up and restore a Consul cluster.

ref: Backup Consul Data and State | Consul - HashiCorp Learn