Consul Connect design documentation available

Hello. I am looking for Connect design documentation outside of the official docs. Something like a Google Drive folder discussing architectures, features etc. I understand that this information may not be public (I’m chancing my arm here).

My reason for asking is that I currently writing a Thesis comparing multi-cluster service meshes, and it would be great to understand why connect is designed the way it is compared to other service mesh offerings (Istio and Linkerd in this case).

Thank you.

Hi @obrienrobert although we don’t have any public facing design docs we are happy to share with you any details you may be looking for. If helpful we can also set aside to see if we could answer your questions on a call.

Hi @obrienrobert,

Aside from the available documentation on (How Connect Works), the closest public asset we have which provides additional detail on the architecture of Consul service mesh is The Life of a Packet Through Consul Service Mesh. The first three sections should provide some of the architecture information you’re looking for.

If you still have questions which are unanswered by the aforementioned docs, please let us know and we’ll do our best to provide answers to your queries. Alternatively, as @david-yu mentioned, we’re willing to discuss this topic with you over a Zoom if you feel that would be more efficient.