Consul not being able to change instance state to 1

Hello, all, I am currently running a consul-agent container as a service for several hosts, inside said hosts, there are several AWS EC2 instances being hosted, when creating deployments I have noticed sometimes they gets stuck due to an instance that is not healthy (as per checking the instances pool manually) but consul-agent reporting the instance as healthy, when checking the logs I can see a message like this:

could not post instance status change to 1 for instance <instanceID>

I have checked the credentials for the API being used inside the consul-agent and what credentials are set in the config at the start time and everything seems to be ok.

It might be useful to tell you that restarting the consul-agent container works at resolving the issue for the specific host but not for the rest.

I hope someone can give me some recommendations.

Thank you very much.

Hi @davidlopez1332,

Is that log message coming from Consul, or some other component? Can you share a bit more information on where this error is originating from?

Hello, Blake
Thank you for the response, this error is coming from plugin-healthwatcher-health_status_watcher. When restarting consul-agent container on the host everything goes back to normal.