Consul Token Update API ExpirationTime does not work with Master Token

During initial Consul Cluster bootstrap I use Master token in configuration. Than I have scripts that run periodically to restrict consul nodes and remove Master Token completely. Thing is that I wanted to use ExpirationTime on Master token to gracefully revoke it, but when I tried I got following error:

rpc error making call: Cannot change expiration time of 985dc6c6-ffe7-51a6-6038-b98c8ad6b038

Is there a reason for that?

Problem is that I do not track what instances still use master token and what are using dedicated token, it all depends on Autoscaling and provisioning time, so when leader deletes a master token, some peers in cluster can fell into period where they use master token and as it is revoked they will become unhealthy, until local daemon will pull dedicated token for them.