Consul UI is broken after update

I updated Consul from 1.9.0 to 1.9.11 and now my interface is not working well. The interface itself is included in the settings and the consul interface is displayed in the browser, but after the update it does not show nodes, services and keys / values. The documentation doesn’t say anything about this. How can this be fixed?

My config:

"datacenter": "PC_test",
"data_dir": "/consul",
"log_level": "INFO",
"node_name": "Consul",
"encrypt": "***",
"bind_addr": "***",
"client_addr": "***",
"bootstrap_expect": 1,
"enabled": true
"recursors": [
"enable_truncate": true
"acl": [
"default_policy": "deny",
"enable_token_persistence": true,
"enabled": false

Hm, some sort of caching, maybe?

I tried clearing the cache but nothing changed