Contributing: Build errors

I’m trying to write a contribution for a new resource, and am having some difficulty with compiling. There seem to be many warnings throughout the codebase that prevent building it to run acceptance tests for new resources.

Here’s an example (note that the files with the errors are NOT files that I have modified at all):

kyle@KYLE:~/GitHub/terraform-provider-aws$ make testacc TESTS=TestAccResourceAwsKmsSignature_basic PKG=kms
==> Checking that code complies with gofmt requirements...
TF_ACC=1 go test ./aws -v -count 1 -parallel 20  -timeout 180m
aws/resource_aws_codepipeline_test.go:1707:5: (*testing.common).Errorf does not support error-wrapping directive %w
aws/resource_aws_codepipeline_test.go:1714:6: (*testing.common).Errorf does not support error-wrapping directive %w
FAIL [build failed]
make: *** [GNUmakefile:28: testacc] Error 1

I can’t find any documentation about this in the contributor’s guide. Any advice on how to proceed? I’m using VS Code on Ubuntu 22.04 with Go v1.20.6 and checked out main as the base branch of terraform-provider-aws to work off of. VS Code has found 30 warnings like this in the codebase.