Corrupted Vault Images/State: How to restore if we use a versioned S3 backend?

Today I tried to update the terraform-aws-vault repo and images that was using 1.5.5 to the latest (1.6.x) as of today.

When it tried to spin up, the vault consul service wouldn’t register anymore. I tried to rollback and use the old images, but it looks like something was corrupted in the process, the backend was of no use.

However I figure since I’m using a versioned S3 bucket it must be possible to restore the bucket to a previous state and roll back to the old images. What would be a procedure for doing rstoring the whole bucket? normally I’m only partly familiar with restoring a file in a bucket, but not the entire bucket state.

Thanks for any help, thankfully this is not production data, so I’m treating it as an excercise in learning should this really happen in production when I try to update vault images again in the future.