Create named bitbucket webhook


Please suggest how to create named bitbucket webhoks attached to codebuild?


resource "aws_codebuild_webhook" "build_webhook" {
  for_each     = local.project_with_hooks
  project_name = "${each.key}-${var.environment}"
  name = "${each.key}-${var.environment}"

  dynamic "filter_group" {
    for_each = each.value.hooks
    iterator = hook
    content {
      dynamic "filter" {
        for_each = hook.value.filters
        iterator = filter
        content {
          type    = filter.value.type
          pattern = filter.value.pattern
  depends_on = [aws_codebuild_project.this]

It will create a repository hook with Title AWS CodeBuild, that makes hard inspect workflow in case multiple jobs attached to same repo.

I suspect can try to make an api call to rename after creation but maybe there is some right way?