CSR1000v userdata works in v11 but doesnt work in v12

Im trying to deploy/bootstrap a CSR1000v (cisco router) using terraform v12.3 in AWS. The same userdata code works manually in AWS, and also in v11.14, but it doesnt work in v12.3. The instance will deploy and boot, but the CSR wont let my credentials login (ssh). I have seem similar issues in the past when I accidentally add an extra space or carriage return after one of the userdata lines, but in this case that does not exist. I have also tried to use output to show what the userdata is sending and everything looks right, just seems like maybe v12 does something as its pushing the userdata to the EC2 instance.

user_data = <<EOF
ios-config-100=“diagnostic bootup level minimal”
ios-config-110=“aaa new-model”
ios-config-120=“aaa authentication login default local”
ios-config-130=“aaa authorization exec default local”
ios-config-140=“username test privilege 15 password test”
ios-config-150=“no username ec2-user”
ios-config-160=“no ip ssh rsa keypair-name ssh-key”
ios-config-170=“no ip ssh pubkey-chain”
ios-config-300=“no vrf definition GS”
ios-config-310=“no interface VirtualPortGroup0”
ios-config-320=“no ip access-list standard GS_NAT_ACL”
ios-config-330=“no app-hosting appid guestshell”

Hi @paullemon,

I haven’t seen anything reported yet about user_data in AWS provider rebased on Terraform 0.12. I’m not sure if it is the forum rendering this or the code but the snippet you’ve included uses left- and right-double quotation marks, with the exception of mgmt-ipv4-gateway which uses the standard UTF-8 quotation mark. That might throw off the userdata but I’m not certain.

Let me know if you’ve resolved this already and what you’ve discovered!