Data Life Cycle Policy #27595

Hello guys,

I have a question regarding Life Cycle policy. Currently the only supported Resource type is VOLUME. Do you plan to add INSTANCE Resource Type in future?

resource “aws_dlm_lifecycle_policy” “example” {
description = “example DLM lifecycle policy”
execution_role_arn = aws_iam_role.dlm_lifecycle_role.arn
state = “ENABLED”

policy_details {
resource_types = [“VOLUME”]

resource_types - (Required) A list of resource types that should be targeted by the lifecycle policy. VOLUME is currently the only allowed value.

The problem is that we have an option to create only snapshots instead of AMIs and if there are other volumes attached we are not able to copy them in one place like AMI.

There are some benefits to have AMI backed images and AMIs are a bit more easy to restore and run multiple instances.

I would appreciate any thoughts on that.

Best Regards,
Valeri Kehayov - ITGix ltd.

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