Debian/Ubuntu package repository instructions slightly wrong


there’s no category for documentation, and I also didn’t find any way to file a bug for the same, so I try it here.

On the Offcial Packaging Guide page, Debian/Ubuntu users are told to download the repository key into /usr/share/keyrings.

According to this Debian wiki page, said directory is reserved for keys that are later managed by a package for automatic updates.

However, this is not the case here, so the correct place to store the keyring would be /etc/apt/keyrings.

Here’s the relevant passage from the Debian wiki page:

If future updates to the certificate will be managed by an apt/dpkg package as recommended below, then it SHOULD be downloaded into /usr/share/keyrings using the same filename that will be provided by the package. If it will be managed locally , it SHOULD be downloaded into /etc/apt/keyrings instead.

Please fix the documentation accordingly (or provide a separate package for managing the keyring, as recommended by Debian).

Thanks a lot…


Thanks for this info and for the clear distinctions. I will follow up with the packaging team.