Disable secret of non-working plugin


I used the vault-pgp-plugin in the past. I don’t need this plugin anymore, but i cannot remove the secret of the plugin:

vault secrets disable gpg
Error disabling secrets engine at gpg/: Error making API request.

URL: DELETE https://vau-stag-hsm-ixn-01.stag.vault.zone:8200/v1/sys/mounts/gpg
Code: 400. Errors:

* Unrecognized remote plugin message:

This usually means that the plugin is either invalid or simply
needs to be recompiled to support the latest protocol.

How can i force the deletion of this plugin secrets?


I am unaware of any way to force this particular operation.

Reinstalling a working vault-gpg-plugin would be the ideal way to handle this.

If you wanted to get very very comfortable with the internal data storage of Vault, taking it offline and into recovery mode, and using the sys/raw/ API might offer a way, but that’s probably harder than just reinstalling a working plugin.