Disabling external service attributes on client?

Just set up my first Nomad PoC, and while browsing through the UI to familiarize myself it seems that in the attributes section of the client view, there are a bunch (for me) irrelevant attributes such as platform.aws, platform.azure and platform.digitalocean which seems to make external lookups (which in turn get rejected from our internal firewall). Is there a way to turn these lookups off somehow, and if so, how would I go about it?

Hi @devops_mw, I hope the PoC is going well.

These lookups are performed by a client fingerprinting process. The fingerprinters which are allowed to run can be controlled by the client.fingerprint-denylist configuration option.

It seems we don’t list the names that can be included here, something we should update on our documentation. The code for now though serves as a good reference for the env fingerprinters you can disable.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Thanks, PoC is indeed going well, and after your suggestion, I have been able to stop adding exceptions to the firewall logs! I would definitely like to see an “attributes” section of the documentation at some point, but for now, you solved my problem! Although, it would have been more natural to me to have the denylist be an actual list rather than a comma-separated string.