Docker Deployment

I’ve been trying to setup a docker container for Boundary following.
But I’m having issues. I can’t get the database to intilialize.

If someone could help me because I’ve been trying for 3 weeks and I’m obviously a n00b, but I love your products.

here is my controller.hcl.

GNU nano 4.8 boundary-controller.hcl # Disable memory lock: mlock(2) - Linux manual page
disable_mlock = true

Controller configuration block

controller {

This name attr must be unique across all controller instances if running in HA mode

name = “boundary-controller-01”
description = “A controller for a demo!”

Database URL for postgres. This can be a direct “postgres://”

URL, or it can be “file://” to read the contents of a file to

supply the url, or “env://” to name an environment variable

that contains the URL.

database {
url = “postgresql://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/boundary?sslmode=disable”

API listener configuration block

listener “tcp” {

Should be the address of the NIC that the controller server will be reached on

address = “”

The purpose of this listener block

purpose = “api”

tls_disable = true

Uncomment to enable CORS for the Admin UI. Be sure to set the allowed origin(s)

to appropriate values.

#cors_enabled = true
#cors_allowed_origins = [“”]

Data-plane listener configuration block (used for worker coordination)

listener “tcp” {

Should be the IP of the NIC that the worker will connect on

address = “”

The purpose of this listener

purpose = “cluster”

tls_disable = true

Worker authorization KMS

Use a production KMS such as AWS KMS for production installs

This key is the same key used in the worker configuration

kms “aead” {
purpose = “worker-auth”
aead_type = “aes-gcm”
key = “8fZBjCUfN0TzjEGLQldGY4+iE9AkOvCfjh7+p0GtRBQ=”
key_id = “global_worker-auth”

I think you’re having this issue.

My reply there has the fix up front and then an explanation of what’s going on.

Good news, I already PR’ed a fix for this and it’s been merged into main: Add additional logic to entrypoint to handle more subcommands. by omkensey · Pull Request #1350 · hashicorp/boundary · GitHub So this is just a temporary breakage and once that PR is merged it should work the way you expect again.

Thanks for that,

That solved the problem!

Quick update – the just-released 0.5.0 has the fix for this; you should now be able to docker run hashicorp/boundary [subcommand] and have it do the right thing.