DR secondary activation failed without any error

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to create a DR replication between 2 Vault clusters. Both of them are deployed in EKS clusters, and used primari_api_addr for secondary override, since on the primary cluster we use Calico, so the IP address extracted from the JWT will not work, we needed to override it to the Load Balancer domain ending. I got a very weird error.

vault write sys/replication/dr/secondary/enable token=“token” primary_api_addr=“ip override”

Error writing data to sys/replication/dr/secondary/enable: Error making API request.

Code: 500. Errors:

I couldn’t see anything in the logs. Only an EOF. Could you help me how can i debig this?


Sounds like you’re using Vault Enterprise. I’d suggest opening a case with support at https://support.hashicorp.com as this forum is only community supported.