End-User Qualification Inquiry in New License

I am writing to inquire about the updated licensing documentation, specifically the section concerning “end users.” As a dedicated user of your products, I am eager to understand how this term applies to ensure continued compliance and maximize the benefits for my organization.

The statement mentions that “end users” can engage in certain activities but leaves the definition of this term unclear. Could you please elaborate on what constitutes an “end user” in the context of the new license? Additionally, are there specific criteria or company size limitations associated with this designation?

Obtaining clarity on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it will allow me to navigate the updated terms strategically and continue utilizing your tools effectively.

Hi @nfbaltazar,

The legal folks who could answer this question don’t monitor this forum, and so I don’t expect you’ll see an answer to this question here. The HashiCorp employees that monitor this forum – including me – are mostly just software engineers, who cannot offer legal advice.

Instead, I’d recommend sending your question to licensing@hashicorp.com, where your message will be received by people who are able to make licensing-related statements on behalf of HashiCorp.

Thank you , this will help a lot :star_struck: