Error: forbidden: you do not have permissions iosxe_rest


I’m very new with Terraform,
My goal is to automate my Cisco ios-xe environment, I download Terraform to Linux server (centos) and start to “play”

I created new add vlan file and I’m trying to run it with the command " terraform apply -auto-approve" but I always gets the above error:

│ Error: forbidden: you do not have permissions

│ with iosxe_rest.vlan_example_put,
│ on line 17, in resource “iosxe_rest” “vlan_example_put”:
│ 17: resource “iosxe_rest” “vlan_example_put” {

The terraform init command status is “Terraform has been successfully initialized”

I don’t understand which permission i need and where
can I run specific terraform file without the command “terraform apply -auto-approve” ?

My terraform file configuration is:
terraform {
required_providers {
iosxe = {
source = “CiscoDevNet/iosxe”

provider “iosxe” {
host = “https://x.x.x.x
insecure = true
device_username = “xxxx”
device_password = “xxxx”

Adding VLAN configuration

resource “iosxe_rest” “vlan_example_put” {
method = “PUT”
path = “/data/Cisco-IOS-XE-native:native/vlan/vlan-list=51”
payload = jsonencode(
“Cisco-IOS-XE-vlan:vlan-list”: {
“id”: “51”,
“name”: “TEST-VLAN51”