Error in creation of google_gke_backup_backup_plan


We recently encountered an error when creating a backup plan for GKE.

The error we’re specifically getting is:

Error creating BackupPlan: googleapi: Error 400: backup_plan_id field is required and must be 1-63 characters long and match a-z?: invalid argument

In the debug we see that the request body does not include a directive for backup_plan_id but google is reporting it missing.

That said, Method: projects.locations.backupPlans.create  |  Backup for GKE  |  Google Cloud the api reference that says the definition of the body must include a BackupPlan configuration that has no mention of a required backup_name_id parameter to be set.

I’d be happy to provide further information, but I do not see how this is directly a terraform problem as the definition of the API as provided by google does not specify the requirement

I have discovered this in the google cloud node folder of the googleapis repository in github:

Does list the backup_name_id to be REQUIRED for completion of the request

As of August 4th, the construct for the API create backup plan method, does in fact note and require a backup_plan_id to be set and sent with the request payload to the API.

Also, it is noted that the json example snippets also include a backup_plan_id in the example payloads:

The error we’re receiving when creating a GKE backup plan is saying that the payload to the API did not include a definition for backup_plan_name which makes complete sense, as the does not construct one currently.

Looking at the full repository I cannot even see a reference to backup_plan_id currently in the terraform google provider:

I will be creating an issue in github to address this further.

Github Issue Created for further investigation and resolution.