Error initializing listener of type tcp: listen tcp bind: address already in use

This error appears in Linux. I’m using Arch. This error appears while trying to initialize the dev server: vault server -dev.

whats netstat -a | grep 8200 show?

wiki Arch says this tool (netstat) is deprecated. Instead, ss tool is suggested. I type ss -atn and I get:

Appears something is already running on port 8200

Yes. A process is running. I type:
lsof -i :8200
Do I need to kill that process? or Do I close that port and open it again?

You’ll need to run something like sudo netstat -tulpn but for arch and find what is using that port. Or change the vault port…

I run ss -lpunt and that port shows but with no process. I run the command again but this time as super user and the pid appears. I kill it and run again $vault server -dev and works!!! Thanks